Pony Of The Americas, Quarter Horses,
Appaloosas & Show Cattle

Caddos Major Jim

56" POA Stallion~sorrel leopard

Reference Sire~Deceased


Major Shannon (ApHC) X Caddos Lady C Scamp



International Champion.  International Champion Sire.  Sire of intelligent foals that excel in halter and performance.  Foals include:  Caddos Feather Kapp, Justa Tad, Caddos Blush, Caddos Red Cloud, Solitaire, One Last Zip, Really, Surfs Up, Custom Taylord Diamond, Believe It, High Tide, Caddos Feather Kitty, Dripping In Diamonds, Justa Pinch, Two To Twelve, Without Makeup, Digit, and Customized.  Now proving to be an exceptional broodmare sire with his daughters producing:  Caddos Blushing Bunny, Diamond Doc, The Caddo Princess, Destined For Diamonds, True Clarity, Barely Jaded, Easy Skeet, Just Because, and Easy Trap.






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